Day Services and Day Habilitation

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Day Services Programs focus on “Person Centered Planning”. This program promotes personal growth, community inclusion, training in daily living skills, training in environmental awareness and opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community. The program is designed to offer services fro groups of 25 persons, of like desires and abilities.

Day Services Program operates at 3 sites within Sullivan County:  Monticello Day Services, Sullivan Industries Day Program, Rose Valley Senior Center, Fallsburg Day Services, Without Walls (WOW) Day Services and Cimarron Day Services; and 4 sites in Orange County:  Campbell Hall, Middletown, Monroe and Chester

Day Services offer the following programs:

Pre-Academic/Environmental Awareness: Skills for daily living.

Senior Center: Social, recreational and learning opportunities for persons 50 and older.

Sensory Stimulation: Helps to develop physical, mental and emotional well being through sensory responses, in areas such as balance, strength, coordination and self-awareness.

Day Habilitation: Provides opportunities for consumers with all types of developmental disabilities to learn how to access their community. The program addresses issues that prevent consumers from accessing their community such as social skills, hygiene and behavioral skills. The program also has a general health and wellness component that addresses weight control, dietary needs, and stress reduction techniques.

Community Builders started in 2010 as an innovative program for the people in our Day Habilitation program. This program provides true community inclusion for the people we support with the community in which they live. Transportation is provided to and from the program which takes place throughout the Orange County community. While enjoying the many parks and attractions of the County, they also serve communities by delivering Meals on Wheels to homebound citizens, collecting donations for pet shelters, and partnering with other civic groups to take part in voluntary activities. The program has also organized sessions at Orange County Community College and Mount St. Mary College.

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